Prince Zeka
the voice of "Makoul"

Makoul“ - this style of music, developed by Prince Zeka, blends Afro-Beat, La Rumba Congolaise, Reggae and Funk into an exciting mixture. His warm voice, which embraces tongue-twisting Rap and emotional Soul with equal versatility, gives his music its unique range of tonal colour.
What is so special about this music is its huge range of multi-layered tones and rhythms: he melts together melodious soul with the rhythmic elements of Rap and Afro-beat, he sings and raps in English, French, Swahili or Lingala and the influence of the Congolese Rumba - the music of his homeland Congo (former Zaїre) - can be clearly heard.

His song texts deal with the everyday as well as current political matters. With his music he transports the messages of equality and respect which actually means an attitude to life that is suffused with the vision of a new and positive culture of freedom and solidarity. Prince Zeka´s music alters listening habits and perhaps thus also preconceived opinions about "african music" and cultural identity being things that are unalterable. He attempts to escape the rigid framework of traditional attributes: with a delightful lack of respect he disregards existing musical boundaries in that he creates out of his own lived reality as a modern nomad and allows himself to be inspired by a myriad of cultures.

This attitude is reflected in both the name and members of his band DUNIA MOJA. „Dunia moja“ is Swahili and means "One World". The musicians of his band come from various parts of the world and combine their varying talents and experiences into the music „Makoul“.

Peace in the world


Ma jolie



Congo Lamuka


Prince Zeka live at Kasumama 2019

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