Prince Zeka Band: Dunia Moja

Prince Zeka's band is called "Dunia Moja", this is Swahili and means "one world". The musicians of his band come from various parts of the world and combine their varying talents and experiences into the music "Makoul".

current members:
Victoire Fundi (Dem. Rep. Congo) - vocals
Mehdi Chamma (Morocco) - lead-guitar, vocals
Biko Litindi Botowamungu (Dem. Rep. Congo) - bass
Cheikh Ndao (Senegal) - bass
Michael Godschachner (Austria) - drums
Sylvester Williams (Austria) - drums

special guests:
Hottentiah Wamuchai (Kenya) - vocals
Rafiq Varind (South Africa) - vocals
Lee Hofmann (South Africa/Austria) - lead-guitar, vocals
Dimitri Karajaev - violin, keyboard
Daniel Weber (Austria) - saxofone
Richmond Ojobor (Nigeria) - trompet, vocals
Ibu Nga Ba (Senegal) - percussion