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01 - Congo Lamuka

02 - Protect yourself

03 - Coltan

04 - Ecoutez

05 - Unakuenda wapi

06 - Tschaku

07 - Nostalgie bolingo

08 - Polé polé

09 - Damu

10 - Domination system

11 - Belle Africa beauté sabotée

12 - La dent de Lumumba

13 - Congomani

14 - Ecoutez Pop

15 - Rap makoul

16 - Bonus track: Kangela sings Oh Lord


Norma D'Aurora, background vocals | Gerhard Buchegger, piano | Marcus Carr, rap | Sergey Fadeev, accordeon | Patricia Ferrara, background vocals | Gloria Fundi, background vocals | Yannick Fundi, piano | Ute Groh, cello | Florian Jauker, bass | Gilbert Knotzer, bass & keyboards | Edith Lettner, saxophone | Zira Lubanda, background vocals | Theresa Meckel, viola | Hottensia Muchai, background vocals | Guy Ndongala, lead guitar | Ibu Nga Ba, percussion | Richmond Ojobor, trompet | Ewa Paprotna, background vocals | Peter Schroll, acoustic guitar | Keba Sissoko, kora | Parvez Syed, keyboards | Prudence Tambwe Ngolo, background vocals | Alee Thelfa, drums| Prince Zeka, lead vocals, background vocals, rap, choir, lead guitar, rhythm guitar, picking guit, bass, keyboards, drums


Prince Zeka dedicates his album "Ecoutez" (means "listen") to his homeland DRC. In this album he is trying to express his love to his country and in songs like "Ecoutez", "Coltan", "Damu", "Unakuendawapi", "Congo lamuka", "Kongomani" he denounces the causes of the war in his Homeland Congo.

So in the title-song "Ecoutez": he denounces the raping of Congolese women by rebels of the movement called "M23" from DRC and neighboring countries such as Burundi, Uganda and in particular Rwanda.

In "Coltan" Prince Zeka speaks of this metal used primarily in the manufacture of mobile devices such as mobile phones, i-pods, laptops etc., of which the DRC is the world's largest producer. Unfortunately this mineral is also used to finance the endless war in the east of the country, and most of the coltan miners are children who work under inhuman conditions in digging with bare hands and so they often dig their own graves! So we don't want their blood in our phones!

In "Congo lamuka" Prince Zeka launches a solemn appeal to the Congolese people to wake them up, to fight against all forms of injustice in their country and especially to have a patriotic conscience. "My country, the DRC, is the world's richest in raw materials, but while it is misguided, war and poverty will rule there forever! "

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